Sea of SorrowsEdit

High seas, high sorrow

Death awaits, tomorrow.

"The Sea of Sorrow is as dangerous as it is deep"

Sailors speak these words without knowing the actual meaning, seeking some profound wisdom to share with their tales of the sea, treasure and adventure. Not many know this anymore, but this world was not always like this, it was very different, the largest seas were oceans of grass and deep forests, rolling over the plains and hills. There were Oceans then at the edges of the world, they were nothing what they are now. Nobody really knows what ocurred, so in a usual fashion most have fled to their religion to seek an answer and so far none have been found. All we know is that an Ocean rose until the high peak of mountains became islands and the world drowned. But we endured, we reclaimed what was left to reclaim, and made our claim on this world, Echoes of the old world are still seen and heard, in artifact, myth, and sailors superstition, I have faith we are stronger and will endure ever more.

-Ronea, Scribe of the Iron Republic

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